What is Hall Pass


Cost Effective Protection from Predators

Hall Pass instantly compares school visitor identification data against our integrated, comprehensive database of sex offender registries for every state and the District of Columbia. When a known sex offender is detected, Hall Pass sends instantaneous alerts preventing access for these predators.

State laws mandate that convicted sex offenders voluntarily report their whereabouts on a regular basis and remain in the state where they are registered. A system that simply puts criminals on the "honor system" and doesn't share information among states decreases the effectiveness of the system.

Hall Pass changes the equation. With integrated data and instant identification, Hall Pass can increase security and prevent incidents in schools across the country.

Why it pays to use Hall Pass


Hall Pass visitor screening protects students and staff from the risks of predators gaining access to campus and other school events. Positive identification of known offenders, instant notifications and unique security features put your school or district in control.


Hall Pass is highly affordable for school districts including individual public, private and parochial schools. Hall Pass works to accommodate your budgets and where possible provides information on available grant opportunities.


Hall Pass is readily adapted to meet school or district needs. The software can be loaded on any PC or laptop on your school or district network or accessed remotely yet securely via the Internet. Hall Pass can customize features, functions, and reporting to deliver the best solution.

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Unique Advantages

Hall Pass proven solutions:

  • Visitor Registration
  • Automated Custody Care
  • Photo Visitor Badges
  • Faculty Time In & Out
  • Volunteer Tracking
  • Student Tardy Passes
  • Reports Generator

Hall Pass is backed by industry professionals who bring a unique combination of expertise in security and the proven resources of CompuData Solutions.


The individuals behind Hall Pass offer unique expertise and a singular dedication to visitor screening and securing schools through a rare combination of solid experiences.

Resources and FAQ

Hall Pass has compiled a list of useful information websites for schools and parents to keep informed on school safety programs in your community.